Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Quiet Book

A common thing you will see at church is a "Quiet Book." Parents keep these books stashed in their diaper bags to pull out when children are starting to lose interest in sitting quietly and listening. There are a variety of different types of quiet books. Many include pictures of Jesus, scripture stories, letters, numbers, etc. The goal of the quiet book is to help a child stay reverent by keeping them appropriately entertained.

I recently started to make myself a quiet book. My quiet book has a slightly different goal, though. My quiet book is made to help me in those moments when I find myself losing hope. It is for those moments when the fog of anxiety and depression becomes so thick that I start to forget how good life is.

In my quiet book, there are a variety of scriptures, quotes, song lyrics, etc. that each have a special place in my heart. I enjoy typing up these words and try to make them look beautiful with pictures and colors. When I read and add to my quiet book, I feel God's love for me and I am reminded that my anxiety and depression are not in control.

One of the pages in my quiet book.
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Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I want to say...I'm sorry! I have been neglecting you. I promise I haven't forgotten about you. I still visit so very often, I just haven't posted for a while. I have been a little bit overwhelmed by work and such the last few months. I know that if I start feeling anxious that I need to post, that it is a bit counter productive, and you don't want that. This is why I haven't posted for a little while. I am still here and there will be many more posts very soon.

Your friend,

PS- Have you met my sister's blog? I have a feeling you guys will be very good friends.

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