Tuesday, December 20, 2016


One of my many Pinterest boards is called, "Check!" This is a board where I put pins that I actually do! (It's easy to just pin, pin, pin and never look at them again.) This board has some crafts, recipes, printables, etc. that I have made/tried. I feel really accomplished when I move things there. (Even if my version isn't as good as the original :) ).

I used to do a lot of crafting and pinterest-ing with my best friend. I never considered myself very "crafty" until I made several fun projects with her that turned out pretty darn good. I realized you didn't have to be a professional to make something.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, this friend is no longer a part of my life. It's hard to lose someone who is so dear to you. 

As I've been on the anxiety-inducing roller coaster of losing someone, I've experienced a lot of difficult and complicated emotions. As time goes on, I'm trying to focus on gratitude. I don't have that relationship anymore, but I can focus on the good things that came from it. One good thing was, I discovered I like to make things!

Something I'm a little proud of right now is a quiet book I made for my son. Thanks to all the websites I got inspiration from! (Listed below)

Inspiration from:
Zipper Rainbow:
Gumball Machine:

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  1. Chelsea, I want you to know how much I dearly miss the fun times and the trust, love and friendship we hard. Maybe someday we can work to get that back.