Go Ahead, Inspire Me!

These are some blogs and articles I have found inspiring in my journey with anxiety and depression. These are the ones that touch a special place in my heart, may have made me shed a tear or smile.

Check this page often to see new blogs and articles.
Last Updated: 7/26/2016

These descriptions of how depression and anxiety feel are very accurate! It is also hopeful!


This is my the blog of my amazing friend. He was recently paralyzed. He writes about his triumphs and struggles here:

Being real:

This family has been through a lot. They recently lost a son to Cancer. Read the mom's inspiring words.

My sister's blog, she has been through so much and is one of my favorite people in the world.

My best friend sent me this link. It is so thought provoking and helpful. I think of "drops of awesome" often.

A friend shared this article on Facebook. It caught my attention immediately. The author does a really good job of explaining what depression feels like.

This is a beautiful blog I found when I was watching the BYU channel. I cried during the commercial and I feel their cause is so admirable.

This is a website/blog written by the author of a book about anxiety, "At Last a Life." This blog was one I visited often when I was in the depths of my anxiety. Just reading what he had to say and comments from other people helped me to know I wasn't crazy and there were other people like me.

Powerful anti-bullying video:

Advice on being happy and present.

An honest and beautiful blog post about the feelings of inadequacy we experience and how Christ can make us feel better.

This blog post is absolutely incredible. Her words filled my heart with love and compassion. She is able to talk so honestly about difficult things. Her strength is inspiring. This is truly something you will never regret reading.

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  1. Hi Chelsea, I would like to share two of my blog posts with you:
    I faced depression growing up in my teen years. I'm doing better now, all Glory to God!