Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life's Little Anxiety Moments

Anxiety is a very serious thing, but if I'm being honest, there can be some humor found in it. I thought I would share today some of the silly things that sometimes cause me to feel some anxiety...
1. When my cell phone is almost dead. Seriously, that little tiny red mark on the battery does it to me every time.

2. When that little orange light comes on. Maybe if gas was 25 cents a gallon this wouldn't be so stressful!

 3. A sink full of dishes. AHHH! I don't like doing dishes, but I don't like a full sink even more.

4. Traffic. Need I say more? Especially if my cell phone is almost dead and my tank is almost empty.

5. Weeds. Why? Why can't all plants be flowers and trees?

While there are many big and small things that give me anxiety, I have come to learn that tanks get full, gardens get weeded, and intersections clear up. 

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