Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things...

In my night class the other day, I could feel it coming. The fear, the dread, the worries, the feelings of inadequacy... I didn't want to be sad and afraid. I had the thought to write down some of my favorite things. (I watched The Sound of Music as a child, I had an awesome childhood.) As I wrote, the things I wrote down brought a smile to my face. I was filled with happy thoughts, memories, and hope. It amazed me how quickly my mood changed.
I thought I would share my list with you.
Jordan                        Music                     Mountains                     Flowers                 Testimony Meeting
Family                        Reading                  Autumn                         Milk Shakes           I Love Lucy
My Religion                Swimming               Relaxing                       Ocean                     Utah Jazz
Friends                       Horses                    Blogging                       Piano                      Football
Praying                       Color                      Writing                         Boutiques                Learning
Idaho                          Hugs                       Fruit                             My Home                Light
Disneyland                  Chocolate                Math                           Cooking
Rain                            Service                   Blankets                       Baking
Yellow                        Hot Shower               Kittens                      Smoothies
Ice Cream                   Christmas                Truth                            Trees
Singing                        Thanksgiving          General Conference      4th of July
America                      Temple                    Being Active                Vacations  
Laughing                      Pansies                   Country Music             Date Nights

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