Monday, December 31, 2012


Baby Chelsea and Dad
When we had family members who were very sick with anxiety and depression, my dad was our rock. Even though it was an extremely hard time, I have good memories of things my dad did for our family. For a few months we always had fresh flowers in the kitchen. He brought color and happiness to our lives with those flowers. In our family, Dole juice was a special treat. For those few hard months, there was always Dole juice in the fridge. My dad was working full-time at work and full-time at home to try and keep things running smoothly. He taught me the true meaning of sticking with your loved ones through anything and everything. Thanks Daddy, I love you!


  1. He's a special guy! So glad he's always there for us! I love you both more than words can say!

  2. Thanks Chelsea - I am honored to be your father. I have always felt that I have received much more than I have ever given.