Monday, December 3, 2012

I Love Lucy

If you allowed me to watch 30 seconds of any part of any I Love Lucy episode, I am confident I could tell you which episode it was, quote several lines from it, and tell you exactly how the episode ends. I have watched every episode of I Love Lucy many times. Lucille Ball's comedy is timeless.
This may sound funny to say, but Lucy has helped my family a lot. When some of my family members were extremely sick because of anxiety and depression, Lucy was always on our TV. The comedy helped us through hard days. It helped us focus on positive things. Sometimes with anxiety and depression, you need a break to step outside your mind and good comedy can do that for you.
I am not telling you to hide from your problems by watching TV, or to watch TV all day. All I am saying is sometimes when nothing else will help, some good comedy can.
There might come time in your life when your anxiety and depression will become very prevalent. A good friend of mine who has also been through anxiety/depression said when she remarked on our constant Lucy watching, "Sometimes that is all you can do, and that's okay."


  1. i just remembered i have some 8
    I Love Lucy episodes on VHD... we so need to pull them out!